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Year 1 Curriculum

Year 1 Curriculum

The National Curriculum is a framework used to ensure that teaching and learning is balanced and consistent in key stage 1 and key stage 2.

The National Curriculum sets out the subjects taught as well as the knowledge, skills and understanding required in each subject. It also provides standards or attainment targets in each subject and these are used by teachers to help measure your child's progress and plan the next steps in their learning. In accordance with the law, the school curriculum meets all the requirements of the National Curriculum, plus the requirements for Religious Education set out by the local authority.

For further information please refer to the Department For Education National Curriculum.

Year 1 Long Term Curriculum Plan

The table below provides a summary of the Year 1 curriculum for the whole academic year.  Please visit our Curriculum Overviews page for a more detailed breakdown of what will be taught each term.

  Autumn Spring Summer

RWI sounds
Sentence Formation

RWI sounds
Short narratives
Non-fiction: Dinosaurs

RWI sounds
Story structure

Maths Addition and subtraction within 20
Shapes and patterns

Calculation strategies within 20
Numbers to 50
Length and Mass

Numbers from 50-100 and beyond
Multiplication and division
Science Seasonal changes: Autumn

Seasonal changes: Spring
Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores

Seasonal changes: Summer
Everyday materials

Computer systems
Digital writing
Data and information Programming
Digital design

Our local area All around the world Maps

Our local area
The Gunpowder Plot
Discovering dinosaurs Castles: Kings and Queens

Art & Design
Geometric shapes
Light and dark
Exploring tone

Design & Technology (DT)

Mechanisms: slides and leavers Food: fruit and vegetables Freestanding structures

Physical Education

Gymnastics: shape and travel
Ball handling
Gymnastics: flight and rotation
Team building games

Religious Education

What makes me, me?
Christianity and Christmas
Christianity and Easter Sikhism
Physical, Social, Health & Economic Education, (PSHE) including Relationships Education Being me in my world
Celebrating difference

Dreams and goals
Healthy me

Changing me

Starting out with music
Pitch and Pulse
Pulse and Rhythm
Animals: sounds and noises
Holiday time: world music