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The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust

The school is proud to be part of the Elliot Foundation Academies Trust (TEFAT) and the opportunities this brings for both our pupils and staff.

TEFAT is a successful multi-academy trust specialising in the Primary sector, building a thriving community of converter and sponsored primary academies, that succeeds on behalf of its children and communities. TEFAT will maintain a family of autonomous schools that is uncompromising in its search for excellence.

Further information about The Elliot Foundation, their vision and ethos, can be found by visiting their website at:

Contact TEFAT:

Tel: 0207 278 7131


Elliot Foundation,
144 York Way,
N1 0AX

The Elliot Foundation publishes an Annual Report to Parents every year.  Please see copies of the most recent report below, covering:

  • The quality of education in TEFAT schools; 
  • Education performance measures;
  • The broader educational experience of your children; 
  • TEFAT's inclusive approach; and
  • TEFAT finance.

For more specific financial information, including the annual audited accounts, memorandum of association, articles of association, names of charity trustees and members, and the Trust's funding agreement, please visit the Finance Policies and Disclosures page of the Trust's website.