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Rock Challenge - February 2017

On Tuesday 21st February over 100 children from Years 5 and 6 made their way to Stevenage to compete in the J-Rock event. 

The day was a whirlwind of rehearsals, production meetings, meeting other schools, cheering everyone on and getting prepared for the competition itself. The children thoroughly enjoyed their lunch time treat where we took over a local restaurant… the dessert certainly seemed to reenergise our performers and back stage crew after a long morning of dancing and cheering!

We were incredibly proud of the children during the performance itself.  It was the best they had performed, with the lighting, costume, hair and make-up coming together brilliantly to really tell Ruth’s Story in a sensitive and moving manner. 

The feedback from the judges, other schools and the audience was hugely positive and we were overwhelmed by the number of awards won.

Of the 11 awards won, we were thrilled to receive:

  • The ‘Spirit of Rock Challenge’ - awarded to the friendliest and most encouraging school; 
  • ‘Education and Cultural Achievement’- owing to the work carried out around the theme of the performance; and
  • ‘Positive Inclusion’ awarded for the number of children involved in the production and our ability as a school to include all of Year 5 and Year 6, carefully playing to each of their strengths.

Overall we were awarded third place, a huge achievement when coupled with our additional awards. We are incredibly proud of our HPS team and the quality and professionalism of the final performance.