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Reception Baseline Assessment

In September 2019, our school took part in the Department for Education's Baseline Assessment Framework pilot program. This enabled our staff to fully understand how to facilitate the assessment accurately. 

Information about this baseline assessment can be found below.

In response to the 2017 primary assessment consultation, the government announced plans to introduce a statutory reception baseline assessment (RBA) in autumn 2020.

We will use it as the baseline for measuring the progress primary schools make with their pupils.

What will be assessed?

Schools will carry out the assessment within the first 6 weeks of children starting school. It will be an activity-based assessment of pupils’ starting point in:

  • language, communication and literacy

  • mathematics

The assessment will be age-appropriate, last approximately 20 minutes and teachers will record the results on a laptop, computer or tablet. It will not be used to label or track individual pupils. No numerical score will be shared and the data will only be used at the end of year 6 to form the school-level progress measure. However, teachers will receive a series of short, narrative statements that tell them how their pupils performed in the assessment at that time. These can be used to inform teaching within the first term.