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Reception Baseline Assessment

Within the first 6 weeks of our students starting Reception, teachers are required to conduct a national Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) for each child.  The RBA is an activity-based assessment of students’ starting point in language, communication, literacy and mathematics.

The assessment is age-appropriate and lasts for approximately 20 minutes.  Teachers record the results on a laptop, computer or tablet.   The assessment is not used to label or track individual pupils and no numerical score will be shared.  The data is used to measure progress at school-level at the end of year 6. However, teachers will receive a series of short, narrative statements that tell them how their students performed in the assessment at that time and these can be used to inform teaching within the first term.

The Standards and Testing Agency have published a useful leaflet for parents providing further information about the assessment.  This can be viewed by clicking on the link below.