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Physical Education (PE)

Subject Leader: 

A specialist PE teacher supported by the PE team; a team of teachers with particular responsibility for PE.

Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS):

In Early Years, children develop physical education through gross motor skills and expressive arts and design. Pupils learn to negotiate space and obstacles safely. Pupils demonstrate strength, balance and coordination and move energetically.

PE National Curriculum:

Please click for the PE national curriculum


P.E. and sports in general play a significant part in the life of our school. We know that P.E. is important for the physical and social development of every pupil. Our aim is to create positive lifelong attitudes towards physical education and being active. We are keen that pupils enjoy their physical education experience and feel included, challenged and supported in their learning. We also provide opportunities for pupils to excel in competitive sport at school and through our active involvement in the Hillingdon Borough’s Sports Association and as a partner with South Hillingdon School Sports Network (SHSSN). 

Please click the link to find out more about SHSSN

We strive to inspire in all pupils the desire to progress and achieve to their highest level across all areas of the P.E. curriculum. Our P.E. curriculum is based on the National Curriculum with aspects of Create Development running throughout. Careful consideration of the sequence of knowledge and skills are outlined in the progression documents for each year group to ensure:

  • We are developing pupils’ competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities;  
  • Pupils are physically active for sustained periods of time;  
  • Pupils are engaging in competitive sports and activities;  
  • Pupils are leading healthy, active lives and understand its importance; and
  • We are developing the whole child through P.E., particularly the importance of social skills such as fair play and respect. 

We value our partnership with parents/carers in encouraging their child’s enjoyment of P.E. and supporting their child’s attendance at sporting events.

For more detailed information on the progression of skills and skills taught throughout the year in each Year Group, please see the documents below.