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What is the intention of our Geography Curriculum? 

Geography is valued as a discrete subject with cross-curricular links when appropriate. It is taught in unit blocks across the school year. Our pupils develop a knowledge and understanding of their local area (Hillingdon), London and Greater London, the UK and the wider world through practical and fieldwork activities. Many of our pupils have families who live abroad and we enable them to use this rich personal knowledge to share with others and to make connections with our Geography curriculum.

We are keen that alongside their studies in other subject areas they develop a fascination about the world and its people and their place in it.

Our Geography curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and the Early Years Framework.  The knowledge taught is outlined in the progression documents for each year group based on:

  • Locational Knowledge
  • Place Knowledge
  • Human & Physical Geography
  • Geographical Skills & Field work

Human geography focuses on where people live, what they do, and how they use the land. Human geographers might study why cities and towns develop in certain places. Other studies could include the cultures of different peoples, including their customs, languages, and religions.

Physical geography is the study of the Earth's natural features, such as mountains, rivers, deserts and oceans. In physical geography, landforms and how they change are studied, as well as climate and its effects.

Taught Content in EYFS and Key Stage 1: Geography Long Term Plan
Taught Content in Key Stage 2: Geography Long Term Plan