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Foreign Languages - German

Subject Leader: 

An experienced primary teacher who is a German specialist and an expert teacher with a focus on languages. Within The Elliot Foundation teachers are accredited as expert teachers to work with other schools within the trust.

English National Curriculum

Please click here to access the National Curriculum Foreign Languages Programmes of Study


That the learning of a modern foreign language is valued. In Key Stage 2, it is taught in unit blocks with the intention that pupils make substantial progress in a language, German.

That we are preparing our pupils to be part of a global community; many of our pupils already speak a second language and have family links to different parts of the World, and we build on their experiences and knowledge. Learning a language is just part of the process towards that goal of being part of a world community; it opens up opportunities to foster pupils’ curiosity about the world and a deeper understanding of different cultures, views and values.

To learn to speak another language, to learn to read and write in another language; to be introduced to the literature of another language; to learn about German speakers in different parts of the world.  To encourage a love of languages, and the foundations for learning other languages in the future, for pleasure and for the opportunities to study and work in other countries, if chosen. To make connections with English grammar and vocabulary and support pupils' English language learning.

Why German?

German has the most first-language speakers in Europe - it is an official language in six countries and an official minority language in many more worldwide. It is a very important language in science, engineering and business. Due to the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain, the German and English languages have many close links and many German words are used in English today.  

There is a Government initiative to increase the number of German learners in the United Kingdom for the reasons listed above, through the GIMAGINE Project, which our subject leader is involved with.

Please see the Year Group overviews below for further information.