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Art and Design

Subject Leader:

An art and design specialist and primary teacher.

What is the intention of our Art and Design Curriculum?

Through art, craft and design we want our learners to be engaged, inspired and challenged by a subject that deeply connects them to their world, to their cultural history, the cultural history of Britain and the wider World. This will allow our pupils to perceive new horizons, enabling them to find novel ways of seeing, thinking, doing and being. We do this by introducing them to a broad range of techniques, materials and designs, as well as learning from great artists, craft makers and designers. This leads them to become proficient in art, craft and design, demonstrated by their capacity to imagine and create their own inventions. We want to equip our learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills to explore, experiment, record their experience, think critically, and take risks with their creations. Most importantly, we want them to develop a positive lifelong relationship with the subject, having fun, sharing their memories, their communities, their places and the things that matter to them.

The foundation of our art, craft and design curriculum at Hillingdon Primary School is taken directly from the Early Learning Goals and the National Curriculum Art and Design programmes of study. With the exception of Early Years (whose artwork is showcased in a mini art gallery in their classrooms and on their Tapestry online learning journals, for parents and carers to view) our children all use sketchbooks to document their learning and creative journeys; where they have the opportunity to record, review and revisit their ideas. We feel these are a vital part of developing our children to work as artists, craft makers and designers. Our art, craft and design curriculum is organised so that our pupils engage in learning each term with one of the following strands: Portraiture, The Natural World and World Art. Our art strands allow planning to link to termly units, to add to the immersive learning experience of a creative curriculum. Following these strands, each year group’s learning thread is alternated, allowing pupils opportunities to build incrementally on previously learned knowledge and skills.

Long Term Plan: Art and Design