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About Us

Hillingdon Primary School:

Learning and Achieving Together

Hillingdon Primary School is an academy school situated on the Uxbridge Road in the area known as Hillingdon Heath. There has been a school on the site for over 100 years. It is a warm, welcoming and inclusive school that values the diverse community that it serves.

Learning and achievement drives everything that we do at Hillingdon Primary School. Our job, in partnership with parents and carers, is to build the foundations for a successful education, readying children for each stage. We also enable each child to discover the joy of learning, to help them to fulfil every aspect of their potential and to encourage their growth into effective citizens, ready to play their part positively in their community and modern Britain.

We believe that every child is able to be successful in the key areas of English and Maths, and we are keen to see this recognised in the results they secure. However, we also want them to learn and experience more than this through an ambitious and varied curriculum, and a range of extracurricular opportunities and school clubs that complement our work in the classroom. 

We value each child as an individual and aim to provide the opportunities for pupils to excel in areas where they have a special talent, whether this is in science, in sport, in drama, in art, in music or through involvement in our school community council.

This website offers an insight into our school – a glimpse of our values, curriculum, events and community. If you would like to know more then you are encouraged to contact the school office and arrange a visit to see us at work.

Sabrina Kelly and Samina Saidiya

Our school's aims

At Hillingdon Primary School our mission is to ensure that everyone is happy, caring and independent, and that our school is a place where we can learn together and do our best.

Our aims are for every child to... 

  • Be happy, safe, confident, responsible and independent in a secure, stimulating environment which provides positive opportunities for success for all, with everyone feeling they belong;

  • Enjoy acquiring knowledge, skills and abilities in all areas of the curriculum;

  • Take increasing responsibility for their learning within a stimulating, structured environment where expectations are high;

  • Develop, through a variety of learning experiences, creativity, problem-solving skills, the ability to make informed choices and the enthusiasm for discovery that will remain the basis for future learning;

  • Show respect, kindness and care for everyone in the school community, and to recognise and value their own contribution and that made by others to its general well-being; and

  • Develop further understanding and respect for our diverse community, both locally and in the wider world, and for our environment.