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Magna Carta 800 Years Celebration - June 2015

Magna Carta week June 8th - 12th 2015

Over the course of the week, the children in KS2 devoted many of their lessons to understanding why we were celebrating 800 years since the Magna Carta was signed. We had theatre workshops, from the Freshwater Theatre Company, we played games on the internet, we read stories, we watched videos, we sang songs and we learnt A LOT!

By the end of the week, we knew that, although the Magna Carta that was signed in 1215 was changed, ignored and re-issued many times, the idea of a document which limited the powers of the ruler, has had a powerful impact on the development of democracy around the world.

Even within our school community, it reminds us of the importance of being given a voice, a chance to put your own point of view and not condemning someone without any evidence.

The videos and pictures below are a great reminder of the day.




The comments below were made by pupils:

Idil, 4N

Until last week I didn’t know what Magna Carta was, but I finally found out it’s a great charter which gives right or wrong, good or bad. Magna Carta week taught me lots of things, such as I’m allowed to have opinions. That means getting my own rights in what to say and people not telling me what to say. Magna Carta week has given me great confidence. Thank you Magna Carta.


Paula 6O

It’s amazing how the Magna Carta has affected our lives throughout the generations and how just a piece of paper and a few words have changed the world completely.


Jaanvi (5F) and her Dad wrote this at home about the Magna Carta in German. Although the German is not perfect, they have made a really good effort at it.

Diese Woche lernen wir über Magna Carta.   Magna Carta ist ein Document über Grossbritannien.  König John hat Magna Carta in Runnymede unterschrieben aber er hat es nicht gefolgt. Wir haben warum die Mgana Carta wichtig ist gelernt.




  • 3c workshop

    3c workshop.JPG
    3c workshop
  • 4N workshop

    4N workshop.JPG
    4N workshop
  • 6O workshop

    6O workshop.JPG
    6O workshop